Trust is the new currency!

We leverage trust technologies to improve people life. We want to use blockchain innovation to create real value in the real economy.
We work with you for your projects in supply chain, traceability, transparency and certification.


We believe that Trust is the "new currency". To be fair Trust is the oldest currency.
In an age of exponential innovations, submerging content and never ending news, Trust has never been so valuable and difficult to get.
We are building tools and platforms to make it easier.


Blockchain technology, introduced with bitcoin, is a tool that allow to create trust in a decentralized environment.
We are building a technology platform around it.
We focus on certification, traceability, supply chain and transparency.


We believe in free market, trust and technology. We ambition to use technology to improve life of real people in the real economy.
We want to deliver the best tools to increase trust and efficiency in the fields of supply chain, traceability and certification.

logo TrustMaker

We are focusing on real problems and concrete solutions. TrustMaker is our first project. TrustMaker aims to leverage blockchain technologies to make the market trustable again.
TrustMaker is a platform for certification authorities.  



65 Sherbrook street Est
Montreal, Qc, Canada

Phone: +1 438 832 8160